Jan. 29th, 2009

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My dreams just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Over the course of the dream I was living in this giant house with an array of strange characters.

A secret agent man who had definitely lost his mind, speaking in gibberish but maintaining that James Bond flair to his manner and his voice (I found him hilariously tragic in dream state o_O). He proceeded to chase down Evil Men with Heart Conditions (EMHC? It is apparently an evil corporation dedicated to destroying the world before stress and poor cardiac health destroys them)

The EMHC man he chased down attempted to fire bullets out of a pen at him and promptly keeled over from a heart attack. He (the gibberish agent) may have had a volkswagon beetle version of Nightrider to chase the EMHCers in too. Must have been embarrassing for poor Nightrider. o_O Yes it was black and yes it had the red computer sweepy thingie. I believe its voice was more high pitched and annoying. o_O

An accident prone young lady with the strangest hat. I believe it changed shape and size as the dream progressed. She possibly may have leant her hat to a terminator unit. Yes. A terminator unit. From the Terminator Movies. No human skin either. Just robot skeleton. He? She? Ze? They? was thrilled to have a wonderful hat. I believe there was robotic dancing. Creepy robotic dancing... o_O

And the best characters of all.

A bunch of friendly and old fashioned little old ladies.

Who rode... multicolored... goats (or sheep, or yaks, it seemed to fluctuate o_O)

When I say multicolored, I mean bright almost prismatic, ridiculously fingerpaint esk colors. Usually blendings of colors close to each other on the color wheel, with one or two complimentary ones thrown in. I can't even remember the exact colors but they may have shifted to. The goats tends to run over the poor accident prone girl with the shifting hat. I always felt dreadfully sorry for her.

The little old ladies were the nicest people though. They were always giving people candy and complimenting me on my maid's outfit.

...yes. I was wearing a maid's outfit. French I believe. Frills and head thingie and everything. People kept asking me where my feather duster was. I sometimes had a broom. I almost want to say that people were calling me Alice, but that would just be absolutely fucking weird, so I won't say that. Even though it may have happened.

My brain is the strangest place I have ever visited. Well no, okay, maybe Lee's brain. >.>

One final O_o for the road:



dieselsandwich: A picture of me with purple hair (Default)
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