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Things are wrapping up school wise for this quarter. Next one is going to be interesting. I'm actually slated to co author an article for a biochem journal on the wikibooks project that I'm involved in while still refining the site.

I've got my work cut out for me as a Wiki medium is rarely standardized even within the same page. And because most of the people who have worked on it are undergrads, the work is a little uneven (not to offend undergrads, many of you do great work, it's just that many don't and it shows when your group overall is evaluated). That being said, some of my kids (I TA'd the latest class working on the project) have done brilliant jobs and I've suggested to the professor I'm working with that they be brought on board later for independent study or undergrad research for this project.

Another interesting thing I'm doing is the Alternate Reality Game class. It's the first game design class I've ever taken and I'm going in as a writer. This kind of thing should really help me get back into practice, as I haven't written a whole lot in a while. I get to take that class with my sister in arms, which already makes it a million times more awesome. But the fact that I'm branching out to such a huge degree is so very cool too. I never expected to be a writer at all, much less doing things in game design writing. I really hope that it helps fire me up again so I can get back to writing my sci fi piece.

I also really need someone to smack me so I don't forget to start sending in my fantasy piece to publishers. Because it is done and I have it on good authority that it's good (knowing not to trust my assessment to my own reasonably stereotypical dislike of my own work). Basically all I need is a suitable title and then I can start bugging publishers.

And oh fuck wow, if I get published I will cry so many tears of joy and hug everyone I can find.


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