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So, I might be preparing to write some Buffy fanfiction. A mixture of canon and non canon characters dealing with Dawn being stupid and trying to get the Key ripped out of her with magic. Bad bad bad things happen, being that A) she is the Key, it isn't just in her and B) Oh shit portals being ripped open everywhere.

I actually think that the time I have this set in, Buffy is still dead and everyone is grieving. Willow and Giles refuse to remove the Key from Dawn for the obvious reasons above, but does Dawn listen? No, because she's stupid. So she gets an acquaintance who saw the weird shit during Glory's attempted reentry to come with her to visit an old mage who specializes in such things. Cue incoming apocalypse when the spell goes bad. Think what Glory tore open in reality when she tried to escape our world only.... everywhere. Yay! And by yay, I mean boo.

The only other noncanon characters are two magic users of varying types (one's a psychic, similar to how Cordelia went in Angel, think migraine ow, the other calls these things into her that give her themed magic and personality changes, as well as eye glow) who get thrown into the situation by the guy's visions.

Fuck guys, I'm writing fanfic. About Buffy. I think I'm violating some kind of ancient code or something...
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