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I work in an office right now. Specifically in the multimedia group. We're mostly geeks so none of my coworkers really go any further than casual.

But I, being all cautious and new, was dressing in professional garb. Slacks, button down blouses, camisole under the blouses because I can't get the buttons to close over my breasts (fitting fail!) It isn't that I don't like looking snazzy, it's just that the clothing isn't all that terribly comfortable. It's tight, restricting and sometimes even annoying. And like most clothing made for womenfolks, it's designed to accentuate my curves and show off upper chest (and sometimes cleavage, which I combat with the camisoles, because I don't like showing cleavage.)

So it draws a certain level of ass and tits attention that I find discomforting. I normally dress in cargos (sometimes baggy androgynous cargos and sometimes fitted cargos, depending on how lazy I feel) and t-shirts that have round necks up near my neck. So no cleavage and not a lot of access to my hindquarters.

On campus, no one causes me problems over this. Maybe people are just used to unusual styles there? Because today, I decided, "fuck it, I'm going to dress comfortably". And now everyone is staring at my fucking pants.

The multimedia guys don't care. They wear more casual stuff than that. But other folk in the office environment apparently do. I'm getting stared at and I swear some people have commented to each other on it. I suppose its better than having my tits stared at but I swear there is just no way to win.

Ugh. Why can't people mind their own fucking business? I'm not a spectacle.
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dieselsandwich: A picture of me with purple hair (Default)
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