Oct. 26th, 2010

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You may have noticed that I moved to dreamwidth and not only moved, but announced my intention to not even crosspost to Livejournal from here. You may also have noticed that deleted all of my content, removed most of my userpics, deleted my tags, took down my profile and generally vacated Livejournal as much as I could.

For some, this would seem a drastic move.

Well, at least until you realize that a member of Livejournal's staff (or someone protected by them) is abusing LJ power to harass, stalk and even suspend people they dislike or have issues with.

Oh and it isn't an isolated incident. That kind of stuff is actually normal. So. I cleared all my writing off of LJ and anything private so the staff can't cause me problems. Pretty much all they can do is suspend my now defunct account if it gets back to them that I brought this up. I would strongly suggest leaving LJ and coming here too.

Or at the very least having an alt DW account here in case they gank you for not liking the same fandoms (Not. Even. Joking.)


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