Nov. 17th, 2009

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Life has been busy.

Like intensely busy. Mind shatteringly busy. So much has happened since I last posted an entry that I'm not even sure where to begin. Have a short entry. My friends locked folk can get the long spiel.

Let's start with the game. Picture The Impossible went swimmingly. We had a stunning turn out, people were super engaged, everyone loved the narrative and I apparently looking utterly beautiful at the Gala (with my rather lesbotronic red button down, black tie, pinstripe slacks and my hair down for once). I also spoke in front of that giant crowd of people, something that turned my legs to jelly.

I can't seem to grapple my thesis and the problems my Attention Deficit is causing are really starting to worry me. They're putting a bit of pressure on Lee too, who's been trying to keep me on task.

I still have that collaborative textbook generation thing to write, and frankly I'm amazed that the professor I'm working with hasn't thrown a brick at my head yet for how late I'm running.

Still on bad terms with the family. Keeping my distance this turkey day and possibly x-mas too. They aren't significant to me as holidays (I'm not Christian or particularly enthusiastic about a holiday based around genocide) but they are significant in that they'll be the first holidays in which I'll be keeping away from my parents' home due to bad blood.

I'm poor and it sucks. Lee's even worse off. I really don't know how we're scraping everything together at this point. I need a job and the depression and feelings of uselessness for being unemployed is really hitting me hard. That and it seems like my body is falling apart. >.<

So that's the short version. My friends will get pile drived with the long one. Yay for friendship!


dieselsandwich: A picture of me with purple hair (Default)
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