Jan. 16th, 2009

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Stress is really working a number on me. I know I have anxiety problems. This has been established time and time again. But this midterm has really fired up those problems like crazy.

It's stuff that isn't hard to remember and it's stuff I should know. But I keep blanking out and getting tired out from the stress and anxiety. The whole experience just makes me wonder if I can handle this midterm or whether I'll fuck it up badly or something. I'm sorely tempted to go to sleep now and wake up early tomorrow and study more then.

Sometimes I really wonder what the hell possessed me to come back for a grad degree. x_x


Jan. 16th, 2009 10:44 am
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I've become a Twitter-er (sp?)

And here I was firmly convinced I was only going to use Twitter as a texting service essentially, to get in touch with a few friends who also had it as other methods are less effective.


I guess I'm a bit more exhibitionist about my day to day life than I realized? It doesn't help that contrary to popular belief there are people who actually care about what I'm doing. Just a small number. Such total enablers. *laughs*

Well if any of you want my twitter it's the exact same name as this journal.


dieselsandwich: A picture of me with purple hair (Default)
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